REMINDER: Maryland Lead Law Compliance

On January 1, 2015, all Maryland residential rental dwelling units built prior to 1978 must be in compliance with Title 6, Subtitle 8 of the Environmental Article, Annotated Code of Maryland (Maryland’s “Lead Law”). Currently, compliance is required for residential rental dwelling units built prior to 1950. Affected properties that “opted out” of the previous requirement can no longer do so. According to the EPA, 24% of homes built between 1960 and 1978 are likely to contain lead-based paint.

In order to be in compliance, Owners of affected properties must:

  • Register with MDE;
  • Distribute Notice of Tenant Rights and Protect your Family for Lead in Your Home brochures and a copy of the current inspection certificate upon start of tenancy and every two years;
  • Meet MDE’s Lead Risk Reduction Standard;
  • Utilize MDE trained and accredited workers, supervisors and contractors to perform work.

Properties exempt from the Act:

  • Hotel, motel or similar seasonal/transient facility;
  • Properties that have been tested and issued a Lead Free or Limited Lead Free certificate.
AMA training courses will start at 8:30am.