Aerosol Monitoring & Analysis, Inc. (AMA) provides expert, responsive and professional industrial hygiene, environmental, and health & safety consulting and training services. Drawing on the experience of our experts, AMA helps clients create and maintain healthy and safe workplaces. Clients depend on AMA for our knowledge, quality of work and integrity.

AMA’s multi-disciplined staff carries multiple registrations, licenses and certifications. We are:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)
  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM)
  • Certified Healthcare Environmental Managers (HEM)
  • Certified Environmental Trainers (CET)
  • Asbestos Inspectors/Management Planners
  • Asbestos Project Designers
  • Asbestos Project Monitors
  • Lead Paint Inspectors/Risk Assessors
  • Lead Paint Project Designers

Our staff maintains various licenses and registrations to perform work throughout the mid-Atlantic region and United States.

AMA training courses will start at 8:30am.